Vancouver, WA-98683
(360) 883-1858


  • "Best sushi bar in the Couve, right? Is there any other choice? I like the sushi bar tender- he is a very nice man! The hamachi has been consistently wonderful! Sashimi portions very generous. I never sit in the dining room- just at the sushi bar... But it looks cosy. Check out the koi pond in the reception area- the big ones like to be pet."

    Lindsey L. Vancouver, WA

  • "I typed in Eastland sushi an Asian cuisines, and it came up all along with Makoto Japanese buffet. I am sure that its just carrying the two together since they generally have the same cuisine. but Makoto is garbage compared to Eastland! make no mistake about that. excellent food excellent atmosphere and excellent service. and well yes it is a bit pricey."

    Ed H. Vancouver, WA

  • "Amazing restaurant! It's not your normal everyday sushi box! The interior is well kept, nicely displayed - the dining area is massive! Service was quick, pleasant, cordial and efficient. We ordered several appetizers, and all came out quickly and freshly made! Vegetable Tempura was excellent. Their pork dumplings were great! Fresh and tasty! I ordered the Chicken Katsu - it was a very large order that I ultimately had to take home as I simply couldn't eat it all. The chicken was moist and the panko breading was seasoned and wonderful. The katsu sauce was some of the best I have had. My partner had the General Zaos Chicken and the same was true for portion size - large! It was fresh, the chicken was nice and flavorful and not overdone. A great experience and the price was great!"

    Lindsey L. Vancouver, WA

  • "Best sushi I have had in the PDX area. Good friendly service and quality food."

    Sarah V. Vancouver, WA

  • "Great fried sushi rolls --- The Vegas Roll is great and such a good value! Their Negimaki appetizer is my favorite too."

    Lukas S. Washington, DC

  • "This is my favorite place to eat in Memphis"

    Very C.